Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunni-Shiite tensions flare in Egypt-Hizbollah dispute

Foreign Policy Digest carries a helpful article on what is happening in Egypt; why do our brothers there make such a fuss about Hizbollah, our Lebanese shiite party?

Abdel-Magid Mohammed has had a busy two weeks. On April 8th, Mohammed, who is Egypt’s public prosecutor, announced he and his staff were interrogating fifty operatives detained on Egyptian soil for allegedly spying for Hizbullah and conspiring to destabilize the Egyptian state. As details of the operatives’ intent emerged, and the number charged with spying for Hizbullah narrowed from fifty to nine, the flames of political discord between Arab powers were fanned. Though the arrests occurred months before, their public revelation now has heightened tensions between Shiite Hizbullah, its patron Shiite state Iran, and Sunni Egypt.

The whole article HERE

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