Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prayer asked for courtcase in Egypt re. Maher who wants to change his ID-card from Muslim to Christian

Some friend mailed me this prayer request regarding a situation in Egypt. The request is to pray for Maher, a believer from a Muslim background, and his daughter. Maher is involved in a legal battle to officially change his religious registration from Islam to Christianity so that both he and his daughter may be identified as Christians.

The latest hearing was held on 28th March. It was short and held "in-camera" (i.e. no members of the media or general public were allowed to attend) for Maher's protection. The hearing was adjourned until Saturday 4th April.

Egyptian Christians request our prayers that:
a. Maher and his daughter will know the presence and peace of Jesus each day
b. Saturday's hearing will go well
c. All parties involved will act with integrity
d. Maher's legal team will know God's wisdom and enabling
e. The case will be successful, allowing them to have their identity cards changed and setting a precedent for other BMBs
f. All officials involved will be exposed to the claims of Jesus and be drawn to His offer of love and life.

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Snake Oil Baron said...

As much as I would like to believe that this case could be successful, the Egyptian government could not possibly allow this form of freedom of conscience. Setting a precedent would open a flood gate (assuming that Egyptian law recognizes precedent).