Friday, April 24, 2009

Lebanese 'confessed' that they wanted to bomb Egyptian Taba

Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab Affairs Salaheddine Abdel-Rahman disclosed information to Arab ambassadors in Cairo on Friday on the investigation into the alleged Hizbullah cell suspected of carrying out operations in Egypt, Egyptian media said.

The Daily Star (Lebanon edition) reports that an Egyptian security official said Friday that strict instructions were issued to the country's Interior Ministry, specifically to seaport and airport officials in charge of checking Lebanese passports and identity cards.

Meanwhile, interrogation of the so-called Hizbullah cell has uncovered that the group was tasked with monitoring the Suez Canal, Egyptian media reports said. These reports did not explain how that interrogation was carried out, but we fear for the health of our citizens.

Press reports from Egypt on Friday said Hizbullah detainees belonging to a six-member "Port Said cell" have confessed that prime suspect Sami Shehab had assigned them to buy a boat to monitor the Canal. Again, we do not know how these detainees were invited to make these 'confessions'.

Egypt's Al-Akhbar newspaper identified them as Ayman Mustafa, Ihab Ahmad, Ihab Assayed, Ibrahim Issam, Mohammad Abdel-Fattah and Hasan al-Manakhli. MORE HERE

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