Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HCJB Christian radio claims it reaches million Arab households

Recent research shows HCJB Global, an international media and healthcare ministry, is now reaching more than 1 million Arab households weekly across the North Africa/Middle East region via radio broadcasts through its strategic media outreach. The research was conducted by Intermedia (, an international media research organization.

Million households? That sounds incredibly high... All Christian and secular radio broadcasters say that there audience have gone down since the 1990s, but HCJB skytrocketing?
More of this story HERE.

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Snake Oil Baron said...

I can't comment on the claim by HCJB and Intermedia but I am surprised to hear that all radio broadcasters have reported shrinking audiences since the 90's. Is that globally or regionally?

Does this decline in audiences include Internet radio? Because the article includes Internet broadcasts in the "one million households" claim and Internet access is rising in the MENA.

At any rate, you may be right about the number being too high - I have no information to evaluating their methodology or even the likelihood of the claim.