Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turbulent future for Sudan

The complexity of the history and conflicts in Sudan is rarely fully understood, according to the most recent Warburg lecturer, Richard A. Lobban, Jr. Lobbans is the executive director of the Sudan Studies Association, adjunct professor of African studies at Naval War College and professor of Anthropology and African studies at Rhode Island College. He presented at last weekís Warburg Lecture on "the connectivity of conflicts in Sudan."

The first time Lobban and his wife visited the Sudan was forty years ago as journalists. Since then, he was banned in 1989, re-permitted, and returned again. Today, his expertise in conflict history and resolution is in demand at a number of institutions of higher learning.

"The Sudan is misunderstood, reduced to simplicities, or misrepresented," he said. There are countless ethnic and religious minorities in all corners of the unusually large African country that complicate relations in every region. MORE HERE

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