Friday, November 13, 2009

More wives means less adultery?

Don’t marry young virgin girls; marry single mothers or widows instead. This was a suggestion made recently by a Kelantan state (Malaysia) official to would-be polygamists.
But the idea drew flak from some critics, who said instead that more efforts should be made to reduce divorce rates and assist single mothers.
The issue of polygamy is being hotly debated now, with the controversial Kelantan official’s suggestion and the emergence of a Polygamy Club founded in August by the wife of a polygamist.
Hatijah Aam, 55, said she started the club with the aim of curbing social ills such as prostitution and adultery. It has 300 members.
“After sharing the same man for 30 years, we are like sisters,” Hatijah told The Straits Times. Sitting beside her, Noraziah Ibrahim, 52, the younger wife of Hatijah’s husband, smiled. MORE HERE

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