Saturday, September 26, 2009

Church leader in Sudan warns for increase of violence

Violence in southern Sudan is rife, with many women, children and elderly people among the victims, the new head of the Sudan Council of Churches, the Rev Ramadan Chan Liol, has warned - writes Fredrick Nzwili.
Chan urged those responsible for the violence to cease their actions immediately in the south of the country, where four years ago an accord known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement ended 21 years of civil war.
"The violence is getting serious," Chan, a Baptist minister, told Ecumenical News International in Nairobi this week. "The worse thing is that there are killings of children, women and elderly people."
Chan was elected General Secretary of the Sudan Council of Churches in August 2009. He spoke to ENI three days after about 100 people were killed in Duk, a county in Jonglie state in southern Sudan. The killings were blamed on fighters from the Lou Nuer ethnic group who have clashed with members of the Murle group.  MORE HERE

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