Friday, April 4, 2008

Tunisian Magazine and Evangelism in Tunisia

The Tunisian magazine al-Watan published an article recently in which it describes the evangelism that is aimed at Tunisia by satellite television. Nice to know that 300 million dollars are available for evangelizing North Africa ;-)

The article describes a TV program called Asselema, broadcast on LifeTV and produced by Lighthouse and Arab Vision. This is the first Christian program in Tunisian Arabic, done by some Tunisians including one who lives in that country. No wonder the program is taken note of by people in Tunisia. The article certainly helps evangelism as it gives us some testimonies of Tunisians who found Jesus Christ!

Click here for the translated article.

Your prayers for this program Asselema are appreciated. The producers told me they are planning to soon produce 30 more programs of this program.

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