Friday, April 18, 2008

Threats against Christians in Egypt

This is the weekend when the Coptic-Orthdodox and other Churches in Egypt celebrate the Triumphal Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem, as the beginning of Holy Week. Not all Muslims appreciate the Christian's liberty to celebrate their feasts! The following email has been received by some Christian leaders in Egypt.

We “The followers of Mohamed” faction declare the following.

Since our beloved prophet was insulted repeatedly by the pigs of Denmark and other nations we decided to punish all Christian establishments in Egypt.
We will not allow them to raise their voices in our Islamic nation of Egypt any more; their crosses will not be raised in our land and their rituals will not be practiced.
We are going to destroy the crosses of the infidels, the cross worshipers.
We are asking all Muslims to stay away from the Churches during their coming feast [Eastern Easter is Sunday 27 April] in order to not by mistake listen to them.
We are not going to kill or spill their blood, but we are going to obey the Allah’s command in punishing the infidels.
Our prophet asked us to accept Christians. That is, because the Christians in his time believed in Jesus the prophet of Allah, unlike the infidels of today who believe in Jesus as God.
Any Muslim who is going to protect or defend them, will be considered an infidel like them and will be treated in the same way.
May Allah give us the victory over the infidels.

The faction of the followers of Mohamed

I have not heard the argument that Muhammad accepted Christians because they only saw Jesus as a prophet, while they nowadays believe Him to be Son of God. Interesting how they deal with the diverse views that are held in the Qur'an itself. Anyway, more important for now, is to pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt; we who live in relative peace should uphold these churches in our prayers!

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