Monday, May 17, 2010

Morocco continues to expel Christian expats

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that 23 foreigners have been notified of expulsion from Morocco since May 10, marking a second wave of Christian deportations from the country.

A spokesman for the US Embassy in Morocco in an interview with ICC said, “We are very concerned about thisWhile there were fewer Americans in this round than there were in the first round of this in early March, we’re still following it very closely, and we have expressed concern, as have other diplomatic missions here, to the Moroccan authorities about this.

The recent notifications of expulsion are officially attributed to proselytizing, which is illegal under Moroccan law.  Earlier this year, the enforcement of anti-proselytizing laws resulted in the deportations of approximately 40 US citizens and many other foreign expatriates from Morocco.  However, Moroccan authorities have refused to explain the charges.  “[The Moroccan government] has been very cagy about really giving any information to people, which has been disturbing,” said the US Embassy spokesman.  “But we understand it’s all based on alleged proselytizing.” MORE HERE

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