Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interesting example of enculturation...

Abraham Sarker grew up in an Islamic culture in Bangladesh and chose to dedicate his life to Allah. But at age 15, he encountered God in a dream that made him question Islam and begin a search for truth. Sarker recalled hearing a voice that told him to look for a Bible. He searched diligently for a Bible four years, finally finding one in his own Bengali language when he moved to Florida to attend college. After reading the Bible and meeting with a missionary at his campus, he chose to become a follower of Christ. And his life radically changed.

I was a Muslim missionary, but now I am using the Muslim mission strategy to reach others for Christ. The Muslim strategy is to impact a community economically, religiously and politically. Now, this is my strategy to reach Muslims for Christ.
An interview with Abraham Sarker can be found HERE in the Baptist Standard.

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