Friday, February 1, 2008

Doctoral thesis: Arabic Christian radio and contextualization

I just received a copy of a very interesting doctoral thesis on Arabic Christian Radio in the past 50 years. The book, goodness, 996 pages, is like an encyclopedia of organizations and people who worked in Arabic Christian radio since the 1950s. It contains chapters on alle the major Arabic Christian radio broadcasters. For the savants among you: AWR, ELWA, TWR, FEBA, FR, IBRA, HCJB, BVB. It also treats the major program producers: AWM, GMU, NECC, BTGH, GRO. This book is of great importance for anyone interested in mission, Church, contextualization and Christian radio in the context of the Arab World. I have never come across any serious writings on Arabic Christian radio before!

Gospel in the Air: 50 Years of Christian Witness through Radio in the Arab World, by Jos M. Strengholt, can be purchased from us with a discount. This doctoral thesis was written for Utrecht University (Netherlands). The English book of 996 pages will be mailed worldwide for 50 Euros (80 US$). Order directly from me,

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